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We want you to have a successful business and still have a life. That’s why we created comprehensive financial services where everything you need can be cohesively managed under one roof.

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Shareholder & Wealth Advisor

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Shareholder & Wealth Advisor

Joe Reichert

Shareholder & CPA

Michael Reichert

Shareholder & CPA

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Mitch Carlson

Shareholder & Wealth Advisor

Mitch has been working 14+ years in the financial field and holds a Series 66 as an Investment Advisor, and is also licensed for Life, Health and Long Term Care insurance. He graduated from Pittsburgh State University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology.

Easygoing but determined, Mitch excels at delivering tailored solutions for each client’s unique lifestyle by taking the time to know them.

He has always resonated with the Warren Buffet statement, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” He notices how many of us don’t think about what it takes for the tree to become what it is, we just want to enjoy its shade. But it goes deeper than simply becoming rich.

Mitch believes in helping his clients make smart decisions, balancing frugality with experiencing life and the enjoyment of doing what they love.

Mitch stands at 6’8” and, yes, he played basketball. He and his wife, Jessica, have been newlyweds for 14 years and have 3 young daughters: Cora, Lana, and Vera. They’re DIYers who enjoy the outdoors, travel, sports, fitness, friends and family, good beer, and attending local events.

Craig Fisch

Shareholder & Wealth Advisor

With a 92mph fastball, Craig’s coach would say “he can throw a strawberry through a locomotive!” But when an injury ended his dreams, Craig knew it was time to use his smarts instead of his arm. He’s always been dedicated to work and family, and he approaches the financial world as his mission in life.

A life-saving surgery in his mid-40s dramatically changed his outlook. He had few worries for his family because he had his financial affairs in good order. But when talking with others, he realized that not everyone had that same level of preparedness or peace of mind. Within short order, he dedicated his career to helping others.

He believes financial independence is a marathon not a sprint, and his driving force is to make a significant difference in people’s lives by guiding them to levels of security they might otherwise not experience. The fact that Financial Planning and Tax Planning are under one roof at RPR can help make that journey easier and more efficient for many clients.

Craig has been in his role for 14 years (originally licensed in 1986,) holds a Series 66 as an Investment Advisor, and is licensed for Life, Health and Long-Term Care insurance. He holds a professional designation of CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) and continually invests in ongoing education.

Craig is easygoing, a good listener, and an avid reader. He loves spending time with friends and family while occasionally enjoying a good bourbon or glass of wine. He’s run two marathons, was a D1 starting pitcher for a nationally ranked college team and graduated as Scholar Athlete. He’s married to his foodie wife Gina for more than 43 years and is very proud of their three grown children and families.

Joe Reichert

Shareholder & CPA
Joe wanted to be a rockstar, but when that didn’t work out, he went into accounting. Joe is a licensed CPA and has worked in public accounting for 17+ years. He holds a Master of Science in Accounting with an emphasis in taxation and a Bachelor or Science in Business and Accounting. He does tax preparation, tax planning, accounting and financial reporting, and outsourced CFO services.

A huge priority and passion of his is helping clients save on taxes so they can keep more of their hard-earned money.

As a business owner himself, he understands the enormous time and effort involved in running a business. He helps clients see where they’re at and loves helping them identify areas to improve in order for them to gain more freedom and reduce their stress in life.

He loves working with a team of financial experts who are also very relatable and personable—everyday people committed to taking care of clients’ business and finances just like they would their own. He truly enjoys seeing others succeed.

Growing up, Joe’s family went canoeing on spring-fed streams every year, and he continues to enjoy this activity with his family. (He probably holds the world record for number of turtles caught in one day while canoeing.) Once in a while, he still grabs a mic and jams with his old rock band, which his kids think is very cool, at least for now…

Joe and his lovely wife, Ginger, have three young boys, Noah, Remy, and Pax. Now that they’ve learned elementary math, Joe is teaching them all about tax returns!

Michael Reichert

Shareholder & CPA
Michael leads the accounting division and oversees client accounting, taxes, and financial projects, from inception to completion. His extensive experience includes practicing accounting for 10+ years and being a licensed CPA for 8.

Starting out his career, he was an auditor. He left that role to have more direct contact with clients in order to help, advise, and assist them in understanding their numbers. His heart is service and relationship building.

He loves sitting down with clients, getting to know them and helping them reach their goals—whether their goals are to better understand their financials and leverage that information to grow their business or, simply, to expertly manage financials so they’re free to focus on the rest of their business.

His goal is always to help his clients succeed, however that looks to them.

Michael holds a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Alabama.

As someone who owns his own business and is involved with other community groups, Michael understands the time, energy and stress that can come with trying to balance life with work. Michael wants to help his clients identify pressure points and find solutions that help them grow their business or invest more time into what they want most.

When not preparing tax returns or financial reports, Michael loves to spend time with his wonderful and supportive wife and two kids. If they aren’t camping, hiking or playing games, you might find Michael in his woodshop building his latest piece of furniture.

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